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Lipa Smart Agency Opening Your Path to Financial Success in Burundi

Open doors of imposibilities by working online with Lipa Smart Agency. Say So Long Bye Bye to scams and poverty with a single click.

Lipa Smart Agency In Burundi

💥⚡⚡(Officially launched on 14/10/2023)


Welcome to LipaSmart Agencies, the ultimate destination for anyone seeking a multitude of online earning opportunities to shape your own professional destiny. Activation Fee is just BIF 17,500! 🇧🇮 and below are the earning methods:-


LipaSmart Agencies’ affiliate program lets you earn commissions by sharing your link. It’s multi-level, so as your referrals grow, so does your income. The partner is rewarded a payout in 3 levels as follows;-

🔵 Level 1 – BIF 4,170 ⭕

🔵 Level 2 – BIF 2,070 ⭕⭕

🔵 Level 3 – BIF 1,245 ⭕⭕⭕

✅We reward our top-performing partners with exceptional performance incentives and Weekly Bonuses.


We offer all new members a generous BIF 2,250 Welcome bonus to kickstart your earnings adventure ☑️


This feature involves a virtual casino where users can spin a wheel and win real money.

📣 Welcome Spin – We offer FREE Spins for all NEW users where the maximum win is BIF 15,000

📣 Casino Spin – You can stake any amount from BIF 500 and earn up to X10 your stake amount depending on your luck💰💰✅


Users can earn money by watching videos on popular platforms like YouTube and TikTok. The platform has partnerships with content creators or advertisers who pay for user engagement. Users will accumulate earnings based on the number of videos watched or the duration of time spent watching.


The platform offers quizzes with different topics. Users who answer the most questions correctly or achieve a high score within a specific time limit can receive cash rewards.


Users can earn money by clicking on advertisements displayed on the platform. Advertisers pay LipaSmart Agencies for user engagement, and a portion of that revenue is shared with the users who click on the ads.


Our platform offers a wide range of forex trading tools, including charts, indicators, and analysis. You can trade major, minor, and exotic currency pairs and use leverage to increase your profit potential.


The platform incorporates a chatbot powered by GPT technology. Users can interact with the chatbot for entertainment or to seek information.


We provide online gaming options like chess and draughts. Users can compete against other players or AI opponents and earn money based on their performance or the outcome of the game.


From this section, all users will get a chance to claim social media services/Giveaway rewards in the platform after activation. These include FREE Instagram followers, Free video views for YouTubers and TikTokers, and many others. You can also make profits from this section by selling these services to others. For example, you can purchase YouTube views worth 5 USD (charged from your account) and then submit the video link of the buyer, then the owner pays 7 USD.

LipaSmart Agencies is committed to your success with top-quality assistance and 24/7 customer care. Easily deposit and withdraw funds using MTN momo and Airtel Money.

Officially Launched on 14TH OCTOBER 2023 @ 1PM C.A.T