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Lipa Smart Agency

Lipa Smart Agency Opening Your Path to Financial Success in Tanzania

Open doors of imposibilities by working online with Lipa Smart Agency. Say So Long Bye Bye to scams and poverty with a single click.

Lipa Smart Agency In Tanzania

💥⚡⚡(Officially launched on 14/10/2023)


Welcome to LipaSmart Agencies, the ultimate destination for anyone seeking a multitude of online earning opportunities to shape your own professional destiny. Activation Fee is just Tsh 11,500/= 🎊 and below are the earning methods:-


Here, users can earn money by inviting friends. You can earn up to three levels deep:

🔵 Level one 5000/= 🎉

🔵 Level two 3000/= 🎉

🔵 Level three 2000/= 🎉


Every new customer who joins can earn money by getting a bonus as a new customer, an amount of Tsh 2,700/= 🎊


Through this feature, you can earn by watching TikTok videos and get paid Tsh 1,000/=


Users can earn money by watching short YouTube videos, less than 3 minutes long, and can earn starting from Tsh 1,000/= 🎊


By posting various company advertisements, you can earn money by posting status updates and get paid based on the number of people who view the ad. You can earn starting from Tsh 100/= 🎊 for each status viewer.


Users can earn money by answering various surveys. You’ll be paid based on your answers, starting from Tsh 1,000/= 🎊


If you’re a LipaSmart customer and you like to spin the wheel, you can earn money based on your results. The minimum amount is Tsh 500/= up to Tsh 300,000/=


If you’re a business owner or a broker, this section is for you. You can find customers for your products or advertise your business.


If you have a business idea but don’t know where to start, you can get a business plan within a very short time, not exceeding 10 minutes, through LIPASMART AGENCY 🎉


Every LipaSmart customer has a chance to be the best customer of the week and receive a salary based on their performance during that week 🎉


If you join LipaSmart AGENCY, you can also benefit from the following services:

💠 Register your business name and company name in the BRELA system 🎉

If you’re a college student, you can get your assignments or research reports completed in less than 10 minutes through the LIPASMART AGENCY system 🎉


✅ All activations will be done automatically.

✅ The entire system has been greatly improved.

✅ Customer service has been greatly improved in all countries 🎉.

✅ We are legally registered with the government and have been given NO. 538273

✅ The CEO is available 24/7.

✅ The minimum withdrawal amount is 10,000/=

LipaSmart Agencies is committed to your success with top-quality assistance and 24/7 customer care. Easily deposit and withdraw funds using MTN momo, and Airtel Money

Officially Launched on 14TH OCTOBER 2023 @ 2PM E.A.T